Royal Concierge Nursing Care

Introducing Royal Concierge, your premier transportation service tailored exclusively for your healthcare needs. At Royal Concierge, we redefine the journey to better health with our luxury and personalized transportation solutions. We are dedicated to ensuring your comfort and safety as we transport you to and from doctor’s appointments, medical procedures, and other healthcare engagements. With our commitment to punctuality and discretion, you can trust Royal Concierge to provide seamless and reliable transportation in the Chicago area, allowing you to focus on your well-being. Whether you require assistance with wheelchair accessibility or specialized medical equipment, our fleet of vehicles is equipped to accommodate your unique needs. Experience the regal treatment you deserve with Royal Concierge, where every ride is a dignified step towards optimal health and wellness.

Meet Patience

Patient is the founder of RCNC. Her passion for care started way back in her home country, Nigeria. In 2001 she lost a family member to post surgical complication and infection within 24 hours after surgery and since swore to her self to pursue nursing as a career. As a wife and a mother of 3, the journey has not been without challenges. However, growing up surrounded by challenges, this was nothing. She earned her bachelors degree in nursing from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2011 and has since worked for top names in the industry in the Chicago land area. However she is now living her dream of becoming a nurser entrepreneur, taking her passion for patient personally by providing them top notch, state of the art nursing care nursing company that is not only easily accessible but that will provide services tailored to patient’s and their families individual needs. She has spent about a decade in rehabilitation at high level centers including Shirley Ryan and understands the challenges that come with mobility and agility struggles. She has helped countless patients gain independence and take control of their life.

She loves the outdoors and nature. When she is not at the bedside providing care, she is out some where in the woods, in the park, on prairepaths, enjoying nature and taking photos. She also likes to travel and experience history and culture first hand and love to try other cultural foods.